A downloadable Project Echo for Windows

This is an abstract game we are in the process of making

It themes an eerie feeling with a strong message


Echo 3.0 EXE.rar 35 MB


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This is a platform game in which you have to solve the mystery of what is going on. The game does not tell you what it is about at the start – you have to play through to work it out (won't spoil it here). The game would appeal to adults rather than children. In concept, the fun part is trying to solve the mystery about what is happening and experiencing the effects of the topic. In reality though, I could not get past the first door. I tried to click it and to jump over but nothing seemed to work. There is some nice looking artwork, but the speed of the flickering was distracting and the music does not seem to "match" with the game itself. I wandered to the left of the first level and got stuck having to jump a lot to move again. To improve, make control scheme clear. Add some feeling of progression. Fix bugs. Find a way to make it more obvious that the light sources relate to sound/waves. I would like to see the main character sprite have a walk/jump animation.